Nothing is more important than your customer and business data.

Connecting your database to Basedash means that you trust us to keep you data private and secure.

Database privacy

When you connect your database to Basedash, we save your database schema information in our database, which includes things such as:

  • Schema, table, and column names
  • Foreign keys
  • Enum values

We don’t save your database records in our database. However, if you make edits in views, then we will save the before and after values so we can display those values in the activity feed and let you undo edits.


HTTPS is required on all connections, data in-transit is encrypted with TLS. Our database data is encrypted at-rest with LUKS and credentials that we save to the database (such as database passwords and SSH keys) are additionally encrypted with AES-256.


We are SOC II Type 2 certified. Email us at if you’d like a copy of our latest SOC II audit.

Report vulnerabilities

If you detect any security vulnerabilities, please let us know by email us details of the vulnerability at Depending on the severity of the vulnerability, there could be a financial reward.


See the bottom of our security page for FAQs.


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