Supported DB types: PostgreSQL, MySQL

Dashboard URL: has baked-in support for PostgreSQL databases, but you can also use their fly volumes offering to use setup other databases, like mysql or mssql.


  1. Create a PostgreSQL database on Here is their guide on how to do that: During the database creation process, will provide you with you database password, which you will need to remember when trying to connect to basedash.
  2. You’ll want to setup the Fly PostgreSQL database to be used with external connections. What this means is you will need to assign an IPv4 address to your PostgreSQL app using fly ips allocate-v4 --app <pg-app-name>.
  3. Once you have your IPv4 assigned to your Fly PostgreSQL app, you will be able to connect it to Basedash. You shouldn’t use the IPv4 address for the hostname you provide in basedash, but rather the hostname associated with you app. This will take the form of <pg-app-name>

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