Getting started

Getting started

Getting started

Learn how to download the app and core concepts

Get the app

You can either access our app from the browser at or you can install the desktop version of the app by clicking here. We recommend using the desktop app as it allows for opening multiple tabs and makes Basedash more easily accessible on your computer.

Core concepts


Everything you do within Basedash is done within a workspace. Your account can be tied to multiple workspaces and you can switch to different workspaces. Usually each organization will only require one workspace. You can invite people to your workspace in order to collaborate with them in Basedash.


Teams are used to divide your workspace members into groupings that will have access to pages created within teams. It is a way to restrict access to your pages. Each team is able to have it’s own dashboard showing you an overview of your data found within your pages.


The main building blocks in Basedash are pages. This is where you will be able to view and edit your data. Pages can be one of the following:

  • Views: View and edit data from an SQL database
  • Queries: View data from an SQL database using an SQL query
  • Actions: Make API calls to 3rd party APIs


Connections are either SQL databases or third party APIs than you’ve configured to use within Basedash. In order to use pages, you will need to add a connection.

We have the following guides for helping you connect an SQL database from the following providers:


Need help?

  • Chat with us in realtime by logging into the app, click the ? symbol in the bottom left, and select the “Chat with us”. We will do our best to respond to you quickly. You will be able to leave your email in the live chat so you can get notified when you respond to you if ever you leave the app.
  • Request a feature
  • Join our slack community
  • View our changelog
  • Email us

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