Teams contain the curated pages used to collaborate with your teammates

Teams are made up of pages and you can give access to only your relevant team members.


Pages are the building blocks used in teams and are made up of the following:


It’s possible to favorite pages that you frequently use in order to easily find them. Click on the star icon to favorite a page.


Favorites are also automatically added to your team’s home page allowing you to easily access them without having to navigate around the rest of the team. They also show up in their own section within the sidebar.


Draft vs published

When you first create a view or query, it will be set as a draft and will transition to published once you hit the publish button. Views and queries are initially set to being drafts since it allows users to take their time setting things up without worrying about having teammates interpret the page as being ready to use.

Draft pages will show up at the bottom of the list of pages in the sidebar.



Pages can be categorized into sections within the sidebar. It’s possible to re-order pages within sections by dragging the pages between the sections in the sidebar.


All workspace admins have access to every team in your workspace. However, you can invite non-admin workspace members to your team with either Can edit or Can view permissions.

Can edit permission

  • Allows for editing data in views
  • Is able to create new records in views
  • Can run actions

Can view permission

  • Can only view data in a view or query

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