Teams allow you to limit access to your pages within your workspace

Teams are made up of pages and you can give access to only your relevant team members. All your teams and pages are listed in the sidebar. If you’re an admin you will see all teams, but if you’re a non-admin, you will only see the teams for which you have access.

Team members

All workspace admins have access to every team in your workspace. However, you can invite non-admin workspace members to your team with either Creator, Editor or Viewer permissions.


  • Can manage pages within the team. This includes creating/modifying/deleting views, queries, and actions.
  • Can do everything an editor can do.


  • Allows for editing data in views
  • Can create new records in views
  • Can run actions


  • Can only view data in a view or query
  • Cannot run or see actions


By clicking the name of your team in the sidebar, you will see your team’s dashboard. If you edit your team dashboard, you will be able to select the cards that show up as well as decide if the card should be full width or not. View or query pages can be used for dashboard cards.

View page cards

When adding a view page as a card to your dashboard, you will be able to select which segment of the view you want to display in the dashboard. By default, we will show the chart corresponding with the view (unless you’ve explicitly disabled seeing the chart for that view).

You can mark the card as “full width” to also display records in addition to that view’s chart.

Query page cards

If a query page shows a chart, then it will be shown within the dashboard card, otherwise we will show the total count of records for the query page.

If marking the card as “full width” we will show the chart as full width in the dashboard. If there is no chart, then we will display the query page data in a table format.

Weekly email digests

At the beginning of every week, Basedash will create an email digest for each team and automatically send it out to each team member.

The Dashboard cards (specifically the “View page cards”) that are configured on your team dashboard determine what we will display in the digest. They will show up in the digest as:

  • Total count of records
  • Number of records created in the last week (7 days) and % increase in total count
  • % increase or decrease in records created compared to the week before it

This can be disabled at the Workspace level and every user has the ability to unsubscribe from these digests.


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